Hi I'm Dr Asraful Hoque sium
Heart surgeon
Mics specialist
Presently, I am serving as an associate professor of Cardiac Surgery at the National Institute of Cardio Vascular Diseases (NICVD), the one and only Government Institute of Bangladesh. I was born in Dhaka and currently living in the same city, one of the world’s rapidly growing and busy mega cities. I graduated from Bangladesh Medical College and completed my post-graduation from the National Institute of Cardio Vascular Diseases (NICVD) under the University of Dhaka. I’m a heart surgeon, I immensely want to operate in a beating heart by listening to the beats. I fondly anticipate enriching my knowledge and skills in innovative services in my sector to serve both society and my country as a heart surgeon in these days of technological advancement.

Few words

Dr. Asraful Hoque Sium is one of the renowned cardiac surgeons in Bangladesh with more than fifteen years experience in the field of cardio-vascular and thoracic surgery. He has extensive experiences in bypass, valve surgery and congenital heart disease with an extra ordinary speciality in minimally invasive cardiac surgery. He is the pioneer in minimally invasive cardiac surgery in government sector, who has done some extra ordinary cases through MICS like-DVR, EVH with MICS CABG which were done 1st time in Bangladesh. In 2016, Dr. Sium has received a special award from Honourable Prime Minister, Sheikh Hasina for his outstanding contributions in cardiac surgery as an young cardiac surgeon. He is also a TOYP(Ten outstanding young personalities) winner in 2019 by JCI. Currently, he is working as Associate Professor as well as resident surgeon in NICVD. He is also working as unit chief of surgery unit-7 where his works focus on MICS and Total arterial CABG. His unit members are very effective in their works and are well known as TAS (Team Asraf Sium).

My statement

I am a dreamer…..ever since I was enrolled in Medical College, I have began to dream of personally representing the country and humanity. I began dreaming of operating in an on-demand field where people received less service. Patients in Bangladesh had to go abroad to get bypass surgery during the time of my studentship at the medical college, since there was no chance at the time to get such treatment in Bangladesh. So, I’ve been chasing my thought. I learned and performed appropriately with the strongest commitment. And now, all my hard work and determination has paid off, and my dream has come true.

As I said, I have always been much passionate at cardiac surgery since my tenure as a student in the medical college. My enthusiasm for cardiac surgery has always inspired me to go and do something different that will give patients hope and open up a whole new frontier in Bangladesh in the field of cardiac surgery. Therefore, by the grace of the Almighty, and through my zeal and devotion, I have made myself a MICS specialist. As I have zeal for my works, the Almighty has given me the will power and determination to conquer barriers and hardships on the path to achieve the ability to serve mankind.

My determination and will power are my greatest tool in being a specialist in cardiac surgery, in which I train myself every day to meet the newest challenges of success and move on. I still look forward to studying the latest approaches and defining myself as the best in the industry. My intention is to position the state of cardiac surgery in an outstanding location that will carry the country’s national confidence. And I know I can, with my determination and commitment, conquer all the barriers.


Working hours

2.30 PM – 5.00 PM
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  • Work experience
  • Awards & Honours

1.  Pioneer in minimally invasive cardiac surgery in Govt. sector.

2.  First ever EVH with MICS CABG done in Bangladesh.

3.  MICS-DVR was performed for the 1st time in Bangladesh.

4.  Comprehensive Expertise in MICS CABG.

5.  Extensive Experience in Total Arterial CABG.

6.  15 years of Experience in cardiovascular surgery.

  • Special Award for outstanding Contribution in Cardiac Surgery as Youngest Cardiac Surgeon from Honourable Prime Minister Shekh Hasina.

  • TOYP ( Ten Outstanding Young Personalities) Winner in 2019.

  • Associate Professor and Recedent Surgeon in NICVD

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