Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery

“A Heart without dreams is like a bird without feathers” – Suzy K.

In these days of modern technology, to perform MICS has become the ultimate dream of a cardiac surgeon. Through the proper knowledge, hard works, and dedications, one can make this dream into reality.

Cardio pulmonary bypass surgery was invented in 1953. Since then, cardiac surgery has had a prosperous age for several decades. Though the adoption of endoscopic techniques fundamentally changed several surgical disciplines, the concept and practice of minimally invasive cardiac surgery has gradually grown in popularity for the last 10 years.

Minimally invasive cardiac surgery encompasses a variety of operations performed through incisions that are substantially smaller and less traumatic than the standard sternotomy. Usually surgeons don’t cut through the breastbone (sternotomy). Rather, they operate between the ribs. Open-heart surgery represents a frightening prospect for some patients with regard to having the chest ‘cracked open’, where minimally invasive cardiac surgery may alleviate this problem.

Dr. Asraful Hoque Sium, one of the renowned cardiac surgeons in Bangladesh, who has the experience of fifteen years in the field of cardiovascular and thoracic surgery. He has performed many CABG, valve surgery, congenital heart surgery cases. Nonetheless, Dr Asraful Hoque Sium was the person who dreamt to perform the MICS on the land of Bangladesh. He was determined and confident enough to make his dream come true, and he prepared himself accordingly to perform the MICS on the soil of his motherland and serve the nation. And now, in the present days of modern technology, by his skills, knowledge and dedication, he has made his dream come true, he operates the MICS in the Govt. Hospital in Bangladesh as the very first surgeon ever in Bangladesh.

25 August 2019 was the day of pride for Bangladesh. It was the day when the dream of Dr Asraful Hoque Sium turned into reality. It was the day when he had made his dream into reality by performing the first ever MICS in a govt. hospital in Bangladesh and a new chapter of the advancement of the medical sector in the country began. The entire nation saw a new ray of hope when the news of his success was covered by the national and international print and electronic media. The Honorable Prime Minister, Sheikh Hasina congratulated Dr Asraful Hoque  Sium due to his tremendous success in the arena of cardiac surgery in Bangladesh. The Honorable Prime Minister inspired him to move ahead with his skills and wisdom.

Operating the MICS in 2019 for the first time in govt. hospital is not the only success that he achieved in the field of cardiac surgery. By the hands of Dr Asraful Hoque Sium, the MIDCAB with EVH has been performed for the very first time in Bangladesh, which has opened a new horizon for the cardiac surgeons in our country. Then he achieved another milestone by preforming the first ever MICS DVR case in our country. Currently, he has become an expert and is working hard in his field of with an ironclad resolution to take the standard of the cardiac surgery in Bangladesh from high to higher.

MICS is not an option for everyone, but it can offer potential benefits in those for whom it is appropriate.

In compare with traditional open heart surgery MICS has tremendous advantages, for example- less incision mark, less chance of bleeding, better cosmetics purpose,less chance of infection, early recovery, less hospital stay and very much cost effective.


MICS is here to stay and it is the present and future of cardiac surgery. It is emerging into the new gold standard. Besides, the uses and applications of technology is changing parallelly to the demands and expectations of the patients. Both the technology and the state of the patients are changing simultaneously. As a result, the patients generally do not want to have much visible surgery, one the other hand they want a quick recovery, which leads the surgeons to perform less invasive cardiac surgical techniques with expeditious recovery. At this juncture it is mention worthy that, MICS is not as traumatic as classical surgery. Rather it provides fewer complications and faster recovery in most cases. It is a good challenge for growth and self-improvement, as it is said, ‘the bigger the challenge, the bigger the opportunity.’

In the journey of success, age is just a number; and hardships are met often. However, through proper devotion, dedication, and knowledge, one can be more confident and easily create the opportunity and reach the ultimate goal of life, because.. “anything can happen with hard work and dedication” – Jerry West

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