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Cardiopulmonary bypass surgery was invented in 1953. Since then, cardiac surgery has had a prosperous age for several decades. Though the adoption of endoscopic techniques fundamentally changed several surgical disciplines, the concept and practice of minimally invasive cardiac surgery has gradually grown in popularity for the last 10 years. The growth has been driven by multiple factors. From the patients’ point of view, less surgical trauma, a higher margin of benefit/cost ratio, and speedy recovery to normalcy are all desirable. The outlook of less invasive incisions is well elucidated by the general population. From the surgeons’ point of view, the adoption and evolution of new techniques and technologies fulfill the learning prospect of the profession, excel to excellence, and may contribute to the patient’s welfare. 

What is MICS 

In MICS, cardiac surgeons perform heart surgery through small incisions in the right or left side of the chest, WITHOUT cutting chest bone Rather, they operate between the ribs. Open-heart surgery represents a frightening prospect for some patients with regard to having the chest ‘cracked open’, where minimally invasive cardiac surgery may alleviate this problem. 

Why MICS? 

MICS is here to stay and it is the present and future of cardiac surgery. It is emerging into the new gold standard. Smaller less noticeable scars, greater patient satisfaction specially female patients, for good cosmetic outcome. Less wound burden, less trauma to patient. No bones cut, no sternal complication. Less blood loss, less transfusion. Reduced pain, early ambulation. Faster recovery, shorter hospital stay. Quicker return to normal activities. 

Challenges of MICS 

MICS is not an option for everyone, but it can offer potential benefits in those for whom it is appropriate. It is a good challenge for growth and self-improvement, as it is said, ‘the bigger the challenge, the bigger the opportunity. The booming use of less invasive methods is shifting the landscape away from open surgery towards the interventional techniques already dominated by other specialties. Cardiac surgery is not lagging behind, but is in fact a specialty in its adolescence adapting to the evolution of modern medicine. New and evolving technology has always guided cardiac surgeons. The development of new technology has always shaped and driven the field of cardiac surgery.

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